Winter work at Johnston’s Coppice

13 Feb

Since taking over this fascinating site last Summer the ranger teams from Staunton and Queen Elizabeth Country Parks have been busy.

Large quantities of rubbish are still coming out of the site, anything from old mattresses to a Halfords folding bike.

We are talking with Havant Borough about the piles of rubbish along the edge of Purbrook Way. With so many further educational establishments in the area the busy route to the bus stops provides a daily load of waste food packaging.

Work has started on the old coppice with the aim of getting the hazel and sweet chestnut back in to a sensible rotation. The target is to coppice 1 acre before the end of March.

The next work day will take place on the 28th February when the rangers will be carrying out a dangerous tree survey, starting to replace the broken rails on the dam, and doing some more coppicing.

Members of public are welcome to come along to say hello or even to do some work. Work boots and wet outdoor gear will be required. Tools can be provided.

The gas leak is still an ongoing problem for the engineers. The water table is about 80cm down and they need to excavate down to 5 metres!

The contractors have needed access for some very large machinery and as a consequence they have been really helpful clearing the old road to the south of the site and cutting back vegetation.

Any problems of queries please contact Tim Speller at


One Response to “Winter work at Johnston’s Coppice”

  1. Mrs Vivienne Ingles February 27, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    I discovered this project today whilst walking by on my way to B & Q and was very impressed. I had no idea this work was being carried out to improve this coppice and make it accessible to the public. How heartening to learn of land being preserved instead of being built on! I look forward to using it. Well done

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